Courses and Workshops

in collage and the creative life

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.

Carl Gustav Jung


I offer face-to-face and online courses and workshops, in English and Spanish, aimed at organizations, groups and institutions interested in providing their community with tools for personal and professional development, individual and collective well-being, and academic and practical knowledge that they can apply and replicate in various contexts. The difference between course and workshop consists of the variation in duration, depth, and intensity of the theoretical and practical components. I design, implement and evaluate courses and workshops according to customer needs in the following thematic areas:

º The healing power of expressive methodologies: an introduction to Expressive Sandwork®, Open Studio Process®, Intensive Journal®, collage techniques, nature and ephemeral art, and others

º The wounded healer: self-care strategies for caregivers and health professionals

º The basics of Collage: tips and tricks for leading a creative life

º Collage as a form of craftivism or activism for introverts

º Identity and self-image: a personal inquiry through collage

º The world of work and the creative life: opening new paths towards well-being in companies

º Collage journaling and inner journey: piecing together the images of our lives

º The history of collage from a Jungian and psycho-cultural perspective

º Fairy tales and collage: re-signifying our individual and collective stories

º Alchemy, collage and the phases of the creative process

º Life is a collage: discovering your vocation through playing with images

º Technology, mass culture, and consumerism: breaking spells through collage

º Active Imagination and collage: contacting the images, messengers of our inner world

º Arts-Based Research: collage as a tool for inquiry and production of (self)knowledge

º Eco-craft: recycling with collage, transforming the ordinary into special