Creative Life Mentoring

Who else can be still and let the muddy water slowly become clear?

Who else can remain at rest and slowly come to life?

—Lao Tse

I want to accompany you on this inner journey towards your source of inspiration, creativity, and a life with purpose. This space is specially designed for you if you feel a deep call to self-discovery and healing of your creative self. Whether you are an artist by profession or not, there is an inherent ability in you to create and get to know yourself through your own art and creative process. Do you resonate with any of the following topics? Book your creative life mentoring session to unfold the highly creative being that you are.

º  Breaking spells: identification and transformation of patterns, blocks and leaks of creative energy

º  Heeding the call of the soul: discovering your gifts, purpose, and the essence of your work

º  Collage as a tool for self-knowledge

º  Recognition and work with inner figures: the wounded artist, the magical child, the shadow, the judge, and others.

º  Writing down yourself: guidelines for the design and writing of your Resume

º  Inner and outer sacred space: discovering and building your creation temenos

º  Aesthetic experience, muses, triggers, and sources of inspiration

º  Non-conventional research methodologies: applying the Arts-Based Research in your final dissertation or creative project

º  From fear to action and non-action: activating and trusting the energy of your projects

º  Finding the tribe: navigating the system and getting your work out to the world

These are 60-minute online sessions with methods according to your interests and your inquiry and/or creative process. The methods include the use of techniques such as collage-making, active imagination, automatic writing, mythology, authentic movement, and autonomous learning through suggested homework and readings.

It is important not to confuse our creative life mentoring with psychotherapy or art classes. This is a very specific and practical process in which you will receive guidance in the discovery of your personal set of tools that will allow you to manage your creativity in the areas you wish of life. Previous knowledge in psychology or art skills is not required. All you need is the desire to start!