Frequently Asked Questions

Mentoring sessions

Duration: Each session starts on time and lasts 60 minutes.

Modality: Sessions are carried out online. If you live in Bogotá, we can explore the possibility of meeting in person. In this case, you can contact us at and ask for this option.

Frequency: How often you want or need to meet with your mentor is up to you. However, you will also be able to receive guidance on this topic during the first session in which we will explore the needs and interests of your consultation and suggest a work plan that depending on the nature of your project or topic of inquiry, can be carried out independently, or will require one or more additional sessions.

Methodology: Each session is unique and the methodologies to be used will vary according to your situation or phase of the creative process. Before your first session, you will have the possibility to fill out a short form through which you will provide us with essential information about yourself and the topics you would like to work on, in order to prepare a series of resources and methodologies that we will use during our mentoring session. We will make use of various techniques taken and adapted from Art-therapy, Depth Psychology, and the humanities. We will also explore various art materials taking advantage of their different psychological qualities and putting them at the service of your inquiries and interests. Remember: no prior knowledge of psychology or art skills are required, only the desire to start.


Materials and setting: Before starting each session, make sure you have a good internet connection and that you are in a private and comfortable space, free of noise and distractions. We suggest that you always have a notebook and pencil ready to take notes, a couple of magazines (or more), scissors, a glue stick, and other materials or previous work that you want to delve into.

Prices and payment plans: At Joy Collage we try to reach the greatest number of people interested in connecting and deepening their creative lives. That is why we offer reasonable prices and payment plans for those who decide to start a sustained process of two to four monthly sessions. Payments are made online and in US dollars. If you only have the possibility of paying in cash, contact us at and ask for this option, indicating the country in which you are.

Bookings: Sessions are booked online. The time you choose corresponds to your local time zone.

Terms and conditions: Once the session is scheduled there will be no refunds. In case you want to reschedule your session, you must do it at least 24 hours before your previously-scheduled appointment. Preparing each session takes time, therefore, there will be no refunds if you miss the appointment or request rescheduling outside the minimum of 24 hours.

Data use and confidentiality: At Joy Collage we respect your privacy. You can be certain that we will not give your information and data to third parties, nor will we use it with purposes different from the individual mentoring process that you engage in with Joy Collage.